Small Solderless Breadboard

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Small solderless breadboard without the power/ground busses.

Using just two standoffs to mount these is generally stable enough due to their small size.

Small breadboards like this are excellent to either add in a small custom circuit or as a temporary connection point to connect multiple other modules together. Solder solid-conductor 22 AWG wires to other modules then bring them to one of these terminals to route them to other modules or put some simple components in-between.

Solderless breadboards have been at the center for quick and flexible prototyping. These are top-of-the-line solderless breadboards. The cheap hobbyist breadboards available everywhere are prone to loose connections and intermittent problems. You will not be disappointed in the quality of these.

Combine one of these breadboards with various connector modules, power modules, or control modules. Add and remove components as-needed. You are no longer tied to 3-4 binding posts or an overly priced integrated power supply. Create the setup that you need for your project.

These include 1 turret on the end that connects to chassis ground which is connected to a solid ground plane underneath the breadboard.

Module size (half-terminal): 4.5"x1.5" nominal (4.4"x1.4" actual).
Mounting holes (half-terminal): 4x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid. 4"x1"
Module size (quarter-terminal): 3"x1.5" nominal (2.9"x1.4" actual).

Mounting holes (quarter-terminal): 4x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid. 2.5"x1"
Contents: module PCB with breadboard and turrets installed, no hardware or additional components.