Small Rugged Case Starter Kit

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A kit to get you started on our small rugged case (Apache 1800).

Cheaper than purchasing the individual components.

Contains all the hardware to mount all the included modules, add rubber feet to the backplane, plus a set of extra hardware. This kit contains two backplanes enabling you to either exchange them out of the case or install two layers in the case. You can have one lower layer with your support circuitry and use the top layer for interfacing or circuits that you may need to tweak while out in the field.

Module contents:

  • 2x MOD-037 - 8"x5" Backplane made for this case
  • 1x MOD-012 - Solderless Breadboard Medium
  • 1x MOD-014 - Protoboard, Medium
  • 1x MOD-032 - 1/8" (3.5mm) Phone Jack TRS
  • 1x MOD-034 - Terminal Block (4 connection)
  • 1x MOD-035 - Screw Block #6-32 2x

Hardware contents:

  • 4x Rubber Bumper (0.5" dia for #4 screw)
  • 28x #4-40 1/4" Stainless Steel Screw (#1 Philips head)
  • 28x #4-40 Nut (1/4" hex head)
  • 24x #4-40 1/2" Aluminum Standoff (male-female)
  • 4x #8-32 1-1/4" Aluminum Standoff (male-female)
  • 4x #8-32 Nut
  • Apache 1800 case modified with shock-absorbing standoffs and required hardware (see Apache 1800 product listing for details)

Note that when mounting two layers of backplanes in this case with the included 1-1/4" standoffs that there is minimal room between the top backplane and the case's lid. Removing the foam from the top lid can give you some extra room without squishing components.

Consider using lower-level components on the top backplane. This is why binding posts were not included in this kit. They would fit just fine if only one backplane was used, however, they would also be deep inside the case. Using two backplanes really makes these cases shine when you can do so.

You can always modify one backplane or make a custom one to have components/connectors/controls mount directly to the top panel. We are also happy to create custom modules, backplanes, and panels, please feel free to contact us.