Protoboard Medium

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Medium-sized prototype board that matches up with our medium-sized breadboard with turrets for solid external connections

This module is fairly sturdy when mounted with only 2 standoffs (one in each corner) and solid when all 4 are used.

Solderless breadboards have been at the center for quick and flexible prototyping. Try something out on one of those then transfer over to one of these boards for a permanent circuit.

These include 3 turrets on each end for solid external connections. An additional turret on each end connects to chassis ground.

Module size: 6"x2.5" nominal (5.9"x2.4" actual).
Mounting holes: 4x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid. 5.5"x2"
Contents: module PCB with turrets installed, no hardware or additional components.