COMING SOON - Power Amplifier Module TI OPA549

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COMING SOON - there was a mistake on the Rev A PCB. We want to fix it before making it available. If you are interested in getting the Rev A anyway please contact us and we'll give you a discount to help get rid of the old stock. They will need a couple jumper wires to get it working right.

This is a power amplifier module based around the OPA549 by Texas Instruments.

The OPA549 is 0.050" off the back edge of the PCB to be mounted onto a heat sink if needed.

These amplifiers work great for audio and also work great with amplifying a DAC output to control devices or have a programmable voltage.

8A continuous current, 10A peak. +/-4 to +/- 30 V, or +8 to +60. Module setup with dual supplies in mind.

Module supplies local bypassing with ceramic caps and large electrolytic ones. Output protection diodes installed (bottom side). Adjustable current limit via one low-power resistor. Topology setup to either by inverting, non-inverting, or as a difference amplifier. Replace 0805 resistors to change the gain and topology.