COMING SOON - PIC32MZ EF 100pin TQFP 14x14

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COMING SOON - Rev A a power and ground connection mixed up and was based on the very initial 1.0" grid idea. Rev B will have that connection fixed plus base based on the new 0.5" grid standard and have the new rounded corners.

Microchip PIC32MZ EF Family webpage:

This module includes a top-of-the-line PIC32MZ EF. Specifically the PIC32MZ2048EFH100-250I/PF. A local power regulator, bypass caps, and crystal oscillator. ICD (in-circuit debugger) exposed on a 0.1" header.

The PIC32MZ EF is a very high-performance microcontroller with a Floating Point Unit (FPU), many IO pins with a mapping system.

Use this module to build your own development system tailored to your needs around the PIC32MZ architecture or use it as a general purpose microcontroller to create custom test setups or other auxiliary functions to your main project.

Develop and test your PIC32MZ-based project with this and other modules then later integrate it with the specific PIC32MZ device you need on a custom PCB.

Warning: when first using the PIC32MZ after using other Microchip products I had to redo several PCB designs because I did not read the fine print with how the I/O mapping works with these. These have limited I/O mapping. Each function belongs to a group of pins it can map to. Please check carefully (or test first with a module like this) what functions you need and what pins they are available on. We have also put into our database the mapping for a couple of these and would be happy to share or help you through it. Please contact us for more information.