Instrument Case Modular Electronics Starter Kit

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A kit to get you started with our instrument case made by Hammond. Available with or without vents.

Because this is a fully enclosed case where external connections would ideally be mounted on the front or back panels no modular connectors are included. An extra set of standoffs and screws are included so it is easy to add on another module of your choice without needing to get more hardware.

Cheaper than purchasing the individual components.

Contains all the hardware to mount all the included modules, add rubber feet to the backplane to use stand-alone, plus a set of extra hardware.

Module contents:

  • 1x MOD-039 - Modified Hammond 1402F(V) Case with feet
  • 1x MOD-012 - Solderless Breadboard Medium
  • 1x MOD-014 - Protoboard, Medium
  • 1x MOD-024 - PCB case cover panel with module holes
  • 1x MOD-027 - PCB case cover panel, blank

Hardware contents:

  • 4x Rubber Bumper (0.5" dia for #4 screw)
  • 16x #4-40 1/4" Stainless Steel Screw (#1 Philips head)
  • 16x #4-40 Nut (1/4" hex head)
  • 12x #4-40 1/2" Aluminum Standoff (male-female)
  • 2x Aluminum front/back panels that come with the Hammond case from the manufacturer