Hammond 1402F(V) Panel

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175.97mmx74.09mm" (~6.928"x2.917") chassis cover optionally with 0.5" grid of #4 screw-holes. 72 total holes. Designed to fit into a Hammond 1402F(V) chassis. Link

This cover is designed to cover an off-the-shelf chassis made by Hammond Mfg. The chassis comes with aluminum cover plates for front and back with a protective plastic covering on one side. These panels give an alternative PCB-based cover or simply to provide extra covers for different projects. PCB material can be easier to drill and shape.
The cover has full copper-fill on both sides with soldermask relief around screw holes and where the aluminum extrusion on the chassis presses against the backside of the panel.
Additionally, a cover with module holes on a 0.5" grid allow quick mounting of modules to be externally accessible. You can make additional holes or cutouts in the panel for connectors, switches, etc to poke through. These holes do not need to be precise or clean for a clean finished look since it would be covered. See photos for examples.
See photos for comparison of blank PCB cover, grid PCB cover, and the chassis-included aluminum cover.

The chassis is available with or without vents. The ones with vents allow cooling of electronics. Plus, I think they look very nice if you do not mind the extra space for dust or debris to fall inside.

We also sell the chassis with some modifications done to make them easier to work with.

Size: 175.97mmx74.09mm" (~6.928"x2.917")

Module holes: 72x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid (for the optional grid version), 4x3.78mm (0.149") holes for mounting to chassis.
Contents: backplane PCB only, no hardware or additional components.