COMING SOON - Dual Integrated High-side Switch ST VND7E040AJ

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COMING SOON - we have the first batch of PCB's in. We have the initial test unit assembled. We will be doing some more testing before releasing them for sale. Price is estimated until we finalize it.

This is a dual integrated high-side switch based on the STMicroelectronics VND7E040AJ.


Control high-power devices with 3.3V or 5V logic. Operates up to 28 V, 38mOhm on resistance, 38 A max current.

Provides a wide variety of protections that a plain mosfet or bipolar transister will not provide.

Undervoltage, overvoltage, current limit, over temp, reverse power, electrostatic, and more.

Provides a current sense feedback and error feedback.

This module is based on the evaluation board made by STMicroelectronics.