Apache 2800 Weather Resistant Case Backplane

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11"x8" Module Backplane with 0.5" grid of #4 screw-holes. 352 total holes.
Made for an Apache 2800 from Harbor Freight

This backplane is designed to be installed inside of an Apache 2800 Weather-Resistant case. Copper on both sides connected to all screw holes to provide a chassis ground for all mounted components.

Harbor Freight products are not known for their quality. However, these cases are quite durable and economical. We do plan on making Pelican versions as well but the cost of a similar sized Pelican case is over 3x as much. They do, however, advertise an IP67 rating rather than IP65.

If you need a portable and durable housing for bringing your prototype around these are great. They will get the job done without breaking the bank. When we have Pelican versions available I would only recommend those if you just have to have the best or you know that they will receive abuse or be in wetter environments.

It is things like this that really makes this modular system shine. With just a screw driver you can rig together a prototype that you can have on a work bench or inside a case like this or inside another case. No laying out holes, no drilling, and reusable.

The 4 corner #8 holes line up with the feet of the Apache 2600 which allow a #8 screw to be recessed inside of it to protect the screw head. The center #8 hole can be used if extra rigidity is needed or as another option if you wish to stack two backplanes within a case.

We also carry modified Apache 2800 cases with holes drilled and all the hardware to install these. The hardware includes vibration absorbing stand offs that isolate the backplane from the case itself protecting the electronics from the case being bumped around and thermal expansion.

Size: 11"x8"

Module holes: 352x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid, 5x #8 (0.1695") for mounting.
Contents: backplane PCB only, no hardware or additional components.