6"x6" Module Backplane

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6"x6" Module Backplane with 0.5" grid of #4 screw-holes. 144 total holes.

This is 1/4th the size of our largest 12"x"12" module backplane. Copper on both sides connected to all screw holes to provide a chassis ground for all mounted components.

This smaller backplane is great for small projects, building up sub-assemblies that can be then held together on a larger backplane, as a cover over sensitive or noisy components, or as a cheap backplane to modify for custom uses. Attach to a machine or other product to give you some prototyping space.
Custom use example: drill extra holes to use as an adapter to something that doesn't have mounting holes on 0.5" centers. Score and break into a smaller size if needed.

When setting a project aside, place it in a standard PCB rack.

Size: 6.0"x6.0"

Module holes: 144x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid, 5x #8 (0.1695") for panel mounting or feet.
Contents: backplane PCB only, no hardware or additional components.