3-Term Regulator

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This module allows the easy use of standard fixed voltage linear regulators in a TO-220 package. There is also extra space to allow for switching module 3-term regulator replacements, and some space for a heat sink if needed.

The most common series is the 78xx series - 7805 (5 V), 7806 (6 V), 7808 (8 V), 7809 (9 V), 7810 (10 V), 7812 (12 V), 7815 (15 V), 7818 (18 V), and 7824 (24 V)

Includes places for bypass caps, turret and 0.1" spacing holes for In-GND-Out connections.

Our current offering is without a regulator installed we will later include versions with regulators pre-installed. What is installed are the input and output turret terminals, 0.1uF 50V ceramic cap at the input and the output (C1, C4), a ferrite bead in series after that (FB1, FB2), then 1uF 50V ceramic caps right at the input/output terminals of the regulator (C2, C3).

Module is 1.4"x1.4" with mounting holes 1"x1".

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