Module Hardware Kit

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This is a hardware kit with #4-40 screws, nuts, and standoffs to mount modules to module backplanes.

  • The screws are 1/4" long pan-head #1 Phillips.
  • Nuts take a 1/4" driver.
  • Standoffs are 1/4" hex and can take a 1/4" driver as well. They create a 0.5" spacing between mounting surfaces.

We prefer all stainless-steel hardware where possible. Stainless-steel will last a lifetime of reuse. It is also very durable to solvents or water. So, if you are doing any soldering work while items are mounted (or using the mounts to make soldering easier) the hardware won't get damaged and will also be easy to clean.

Unfortunately, stainless-steel can be expensive. The standoffs are the most expensive part.

We currently offer two options:

  1. All stainless-steel
  2. All stainless-steel except for the standoffs being aluminum