Terminal Block x4

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Insulated screw terminal block with 4 connections based on a "Phoenix Contact" 1888700

Mounted with a turret connection, 2 through-hole pads, and 1 surface-mount pad for all connections.

This module is sturdy when mounted with only 2 standoffs (one in each corner) probably only want to use all 4 if you are using the terminals regularly or expect any tension on the wires terminated.

Use one of these to connect your project to the outside world. These are quality screw terminal blocks with a very good contact - the whole bottom plate pulls up to clamp the wire against a knurled upper plate. Rated for 12-30 AWG (14-24 AWG depending on approvals). Practically any wire will be securely fastened.

The low cost and 4 connections make these a very practical way to attach external devices.

Module size: 1.5"x1.5" nominal (1.4"x1.4" actual).
Mounting holes: 4x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid. 1"x1"
Contents: module PCB with screw terminal and turrets installed, no hardware or additional components