Dual Binding Post

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Regular binding post module based on a "Pomona" 6883
Shrouded binding post module based on a "Pomona" 6884

This module is sturdy when mounted with only 2 standoffs (one in each corner) and extremely solid when all 4 are used.

Use one of these to connect your project to the outside world. These binding posts have banana jacks at the face of them and large holes for directly securing wires. Note that if very large wires are used the banana plugs will not fully seat due to the nut being farther out and interfering with the banana plug housing.

Rated at 30A 500VDC (when at low current). Rated for wire gauge up to 12 AWG. However, 12 AWG wire is shown in one of the pictures and there is easily room for a larger wire if required.

Solderable turrets at the end for installing connections or use a #10 ring terminal (recommended).

Both versions, when installed normally, protrude 0.75" below the module PCB. Our standard 0.5" standoffs will not work in that case, doubling them up to 1" would. They do fit fine if both plastic pieces and one nut is on the top side of the PCB and the remaining nut and washer on the bottom side, though that setup would require an extra nut to secure a ring terminal.

Module size: 2"x1.5" nominal (1.9"x1.4" actual).
Mounting holes: 4x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid. 1.5"x1"
Contents: module PCB with binding posts installed, no hardware or additional components.