1/8" Phone Jack TRS

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1/8" Phone Jack with TRS connections (tip ring sleeve) module based on a "Switchcraft" 35RAPC2BH3

Mounted with a turret connection, 2 through-hole pads, and 1 surface-mount pad for ground and chassis connections. 2 through-hole pads and 1 surface-mount pad for signal connections.

This module is extremely sturdy when mounted with only 2 standoffs (one in each corner) probably only want to use all 4 if you want it to look pretty.

Use one of these to connect your project to the outside world. These are standard 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo phone jacks. Often used for headphones. Use these to connect to audio equipment, headphones, or use them as a quick-connect for sensors or other external components.

The included connector is the version without any switches. Versions available with one or two switches that are actuated when the plug is inserted. Their connections are routed out but are unused on this module with the installed connector.

Module size: 1"x1.5" nominal (0.9"x1.4" actual).
Mounting holes: 4x #4 screw holes (0.116") on 0.5" grid. 0.5"x1"
Contents: module PCB with phone jack and turrets installed, no hardware or additional components.